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Arm Wrestling — To The Max!!!

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As the runaway success of Chess boxing proved, any sport can be improved by adding ass-kicking to the mix. Imagine arm wrestling, where the rest of your body is free to wail on your opponent. America's got a new pastime.

We're all in agreement that "Over The Top" is the manliest movie of all time, right? Well, some crazed genius wondered, "how can we make this manlier?"

Art Davie, who gave birth to the UFC, now brings us XARM - extreme arm wrestling:


As for the rules...there are no rules! Actually, that's not true, I just always wanted to say that.

The competitors' hands are strapped together, and victories are achieved by pinning the opponent's hand. Or kicking the shit out of their head. Or snapping their ankle until they submit.

It's basically like that time Savio Vega beat Steve Austin in a Caribbean Strap Match. Yeah, I'm all about this.

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