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Aroldis Chapman's Stripper Friend Can't Get Her Story Straight About That Hotel Room Robbery

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Remember that story the other day about Aroldis Chapman's Pittsburgh hotel room being robbed while he was across the river at the Reds-Pirates game? Remember how it involved a woman in the room who was found bound by her hands and screaming shortly after the robbery occurred? Weird, right? Well, now it turns out that the woman, 26-year-old Claudia Manrique, who works as a stripper in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., has changed her story.


And guess what else? The cops have doubts about Manrique's account. Chapman says she may owe thousands of dollars to someone who helped her emigrate from her native Colombia. She has an ex-boyfriend who alleges she stole $2,000 from him just three months ago. What else? Oh, right: Manrique is currently "dating" Chapman, but the cops say she's married to a different guy.


The original story was that a man had knocked on the door of the room Manrique was sharing with Chapman, saying he worked for hotel maintenance. Once inside, the man demanded to steal items, tied up her hands using cloth napkins, and stole a variety of valuables.


Here's the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

One thing not taken was a Louis Vuitton bag containing more than $200,000 worth of Mr. Chapman's jewelry. Ms. Manrique said her attacker held her at gunpoint and demanded the bag of jewelry several times, ransacking the room when she refused to relinquish it. But, police reports note, she could not explain how the man knew the bag of jewelry was in the room in the first place.

When detectives confronted her about discrepancies in her story, she began to cry. A polygraph test showed she was not being truthful about the robbery, according to the report.

Ms. Manrique eventually changed her story, saying the robber first approached her at a CVS pharmacy and threatened to harm her friend in Silver Spring if she did not give him her room number. The man showed up a few hours later, and she let him in, fearing for her friend's safety.

So what was Chapman's take? According to the P-G, he "told police he began dating the Colombian native in April, and she would meet him in other cities where the Reds were playing." Here's more:

He later told detectives that Ms. Manrique had been receiving unwanted phone calls throughout her stay in Pittsburgh. He believed they were from a man in Maryland to whom she owed $9,000 on a $30,000 debt that allowed her to gain entry into the country, police reports say.

Mr. Chapman told police that Ms. Manrique "wasn't acting like herself" when she asked him if he could book her an earlier flight home.


Hey, it happens. So what's with the ex-boyfriend and the money? His name is Shahryar Kamouei, and there's a police report in Baltimore from March that says Manrique allegedly took $2,000 from him by gaining entry to his online bank account. The husband? That's who the cops say picked Manrique up at the police station Wednesday night. But who's he? According to Kamouei, Manrique's boyfriend before Chapman became Manrique's boyfriend, "She said she's only married to get a green card."

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