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José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger do not like each other. José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger do not pass up on opportunities to make it clear, both to each other and the world at large, that they do not like each other. Today, Arsène Wenger did something—an incredibly petty thing, at that—to demonstrate that he does not like José Mourinho.

José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger both attended a UEFA coaching conference. José Mourinho showed up a little late to one of the lectures making up said conference. Here’s Marca, describing José Mourinho’s search for somewhere to sit, and Arsène Wenger’s response:

There were few empty seats but there was a space opposite Zinedine Zidane and Unai Emery so he asked if anyone was sitting there - the seats were not booked in advance.”

No, it isn’t possible,” was the surprise reply by none other than Arsene, without a moment’s hesitation.

Some delegates laughed discretely while others stared into space pretending they had not heard a thing.


A reenactment:

Manchester United host Arsenal on November 19th. Odds are good that José Mourinho and Arsène Wenger will continue not liking each other up to and after that date.


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