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So how did trash-talking malcontent Ron Artest end up playing alongside "hated rival" Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles? It all started with a fateful shower stall run-in two years ago:

Kobe said that after the Lakers lost game six of the '08 NBA Finals in Boston by 39 points, he was alone in the shower, just fuming. He heard somebody walk in and assumed it was one of his teammates, or maybe a staff member. Instead, he looked up, and it was Ron Artest (to this day, Kobe has no idea how Artest got into the locker room).

"I want to come help you," Artest said. "If I can, I'm going to find a way to come to LA and give you the help you need to win a title."


It's always been my experience that any job interview that ends with your future employer needing to put on a towel, is not one that leads to a healthy work environment. At that point, being "hoodalized" is the least of your problems.

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