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You'd think the Oakland Athletics would plaster embed links of their first attention-worthy event since Canseco pumped McGwire's ass full of inject-a-juice far and wide. Not the case. So, here's an excerpt of the story ...

Jacki Lynch walked into her first A's game Thursday night with no other itinerary than to take advantage of a free ticket and enjoy the company of some college friends. ... Kevin Fennell, however, had a different plan for her, although both didn't know it at the start.

The 21-year-old A's ballboy, stationed near Oakland's bullpen throughout the game, spotted Lynch nearby in the stands and, after putting his glove on a foul ball, passed by a line of fans and handed it to her.

Although video only shows Fennell handing off two balls, he admitted the count actually grew to four. Lynch, though, says she walked away with five balls, the last of which came via messenger from the bullpen, reading, "How about a phone number for our Ball Man, Kevin?"


Lynch and Fennell have been texting and/or sexting ever since. If it's the latter, the smart money's on ballboy-uni fantasies. You're probably looking to have some fun with this video; might I suggest drinking each time he passes a young kid who probably would've enjoyed a keepsake, all so he could presumably tap dat ass?

See for yourself. Here's a link for "A's ballboy lands date with fan," and another for "Oakland ball boy talks to MLB Tonight."


Adult ballboys, represent.

(H/T Ed Peterson)

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