If the Giants lose tonight, tomorrow's NFL day gets a lot more interesting and confusing. If they win tonight, a playoff spot is theirs, most likely. If they lose, though, there are four other teams, all of them terrible, that could claim the spot tomorrow. I don't care much about either of these teams, but for the sake of an intriguing Sunday... come on, Redskins.

And it's difficult to imagine the Giants winning, as that's something they've only done once since November 6th. Also, Eli Manning is a fraidy-cat, Tiki Barber doesn't care, Michael Strahan has a gimp foot, the entire team hates Tom Coughlin, Jeremy Shockey isn't playing, and Wellington Mara's granddaughter does cheerleaders. But other than all that, things have been doing great for the Giants.

And it's an NFL Network game, which God does not want you to see. Might as well get a head start on the NYE drinking and settle in here with people as bitter and as lonely as you are. Enjoy!

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