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Lately, there's been much clamoring around the internet about tennis steamstress Ashley Harkleroad's upcoming Playboy spread this month. With good reason, of course. Based on her recent ESPN the Mag interview about the shoot, she seems affable, confident, and very into herself:

"I'm not a very modest person, so I was really feeling it. I was having a good time and trying to feel sexy in my own body; I think it worked. The pictures and the layout came out very classy. Playboy is a very classy operation all around. It was important to me, because I'm representing an athlete and her body, so I wanted it to come out showcasing that."


Yes, ma'am. Harkleroad hopes this shoot will "broaden" her profile and to let people know that she's not just another hot chick on the WTA. No, she's proud of her body and works hard for it, and it was probably a nice payday. Apparently, she saw Ana Ivanovic's relatively tame FHM cover shoot and raised her, well, full-frontal nudity. No word on whether this profile-broadening will help Harkleroad's world ranking, currently at 65.

The photos in their censored form can be seen at the WTA Tennis blog, with convenient little boxes that cover up most of Harkleroad's boobocity. If you're looking for bare-assed Ashley, well, there are apparently a few scumbags floating around the who've got themselves a scanner(the pages load slowly, so, if you're in a rush to get out for summer hours, it might not be worth it. Oh, and probably not safe for work unless you are Justin Gimelstob. )

The sun-shaped tramp stamp is a predictable, yet pleasant surprise.

Ah, Fridays...

Ashley Harkleroad Photos In Playboy [WTA Tennis Blog]

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