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Astros Announcer Pauses, Reflects, Remains Completely Baffled By The Foreign Concept Of Reggaeton

We will admit that we didn't really expect the broadcasters of the NL Central's most insipid ballclub to be familiar with the collected works of reggaeton superstars Don Omar or Daddy Yankee. (Though, come to think of it, "Dame Mas Gasolina" describes Octavio Dotel's career well.)

But to hear this lady—Fox Sports Houston's Patti Smith (no, not that one)—confront the word "reggaeton" on her script, like it's her mortal enemy, pause, and then spit out "reg action," well, it just makes us smile a twisted smile. And then to hear her pronounce "Chino" like "China," it seems like she just stumbled out of a Senior Citizens For Rick Perry campaign rally. Then she says "Nacho" with a similar distaste of the culture, and she asks the guys up in the booth if they are hungry. And they talk about potato chips. Really.


Never mind that Chino y Nacho are a duo and "Chino and Nacho" is not the duo, and never mind that this pair has contributed far more to world culture than other Venezuelan Humberto Quintero. Houston is 43.8 percent Hispanic. It boggles the mind that these three could be such honkies. And yet, here they are, talking about potato chips and "reg action." Dios mio.

Astros Announcer Reggaeton FAIL (reg-action) [YouTube, h/t Michael]

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