Crack-smokin' mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack yesterday, and everyone in Toronto is understandably abuzz about Rob Ford and his crack-smokin' ways. Lucky for us, the Miami Heat just happened to be in town to play the Raptors last night, and a few Toronto sportswriters thought it would be a good idea to ask LeBron James what he thought about crack-smokin' Rob Ford.

The Toronto Star's Cathal Kelly has the full description of the scene, which includes LeBron jumping back "a couple of feet" upon first being apprised of the whole saga. This exchange is particularly enjoyable:

"Unbelievable," James said again. "I never heard that."

It was suggested that maybe he should Google the situation.

"All right, I'll check it out."

James now had the broad strokes of the situation, as well as the correct number of shirts. Everyone waited for the signal to disperse.

But James turned back, Clarence Darrow-esque.

"He still the mayor?"

OK, back at it. The events of Tuesday afternoon got a proper going over.

"Hm-mm," James said encouragingly, nodding. "Hm-mm."

Other exclamations written in the notebook: "Maaaaaan" and "Wow."

Another long pause. We were about to get to the crux of things.

"But," James said, "is he a good mayor?"

Stunned silence. Frozen smiles.

Enjoyable, LeBron. But certainly not good.