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So there are some new details about our new favorite assistant coach, the Lions' Joe Cullen, concerning his arrest for driving in the nude.


It appears he was not only driving in the nude on August 24 ... he was going through a drive-through at a Wendy's.

The Wendy's manager, Jethro Lett, said he was working the second drive-thru window on Michigan Avenue near Telegraph when he heard startling news from the first window, where customers pay for their food. "The cashier alerted me," said Lett, 48. " 'A guy coming to your window is naked!' "

He recalled the order as a single combo: burger, fries and a drink. Five minutes later, Lett brought the order out to the parked SUV. "He didn't say a word," Lett said. "I said, 'Here you go with your food, sir.'" Lett is a veteran Wendy's employee who lives in Detroit and normally works in the city. He said he was frustrated with the response of Dearborn police, whom he didn't think were taking his complaint seriously. "All they kept saying is, 'Did he say anything, do anything?' " Lett recalled. "I said, 'He don't have to say anything, he's butt naked!' "

Meanwhile, our friends at Jalopnik are reporting that Cullen was seen at a "gentlemen's club" earlier in the evening, where, apparently, he drew some artistic inspiration.

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