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At Least It Can Only Get Better From Here, Right?

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Well that was horrendously boring.

With arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the league on one side, and an offense that put up a performance that led many to believe if the future of the NFL was going to be filled with teams putting up 50 points with regularity on the other, we enter halftime with a score of 3-0.


Stephen Gostkowski is the only reason there any points on the board at all after sinking a 42-yarder by the skin of his teeth with 10:29 left in the second quarter. This, of course, came nearly 10 minutes of game time after he shanked a 46-yard attempt. Outside of that, however, the offenses have been terribly stagnant. Sure, the Patriots managed 195 yards, but their offensive production was highlighted by a failed fourth-down throw to Gronk in double-coverage—which happened thanks to Gostkowski’s incompetence—and a tipped interception. The Rams haven’t even managed to muster that much. They converted just two first downs, and were 0-for-6 on third-down attempts. Oh, and they only managed 57 yards of offense.

The only good news is that the second half can’t be much worse than what we just saw. Jared Goff and the LA offense came to life in the second half of the Saints game and this is how Tom Brady has historically done after the Super Bowl halftime show:

With some limitations on that Patriots boost, lets hope those trends continue.