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Athlete Run-In: Chris Simms', Truckin'

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Today's first athlete run-in story comes to us from Austin, Tex., where an unusually high number of our athlete run-in stories originate. It's from Robert, an Austin resident, about current Buccaneer and former Longhorn Chris Simms.

It was a few years ago when Simms was Texas' QB and the team didn't get much respect, especially because they kept getting pounded by OU. It was about 4 a.m. in Austin, which if you know Austin means there's a steady migration from downtown back to campus (post hook-up, late night grubbin', etc. after Sixth Street shuts down). We were standing outside his dorm at Dobie near the parking garage just off Guadalupe. He sees a tricked-out white escalade making its way up the street and going into the parking garage. Behind the wheel is none other than Simms. The car's going too fast though and bumps up right into the ceiling on the low-clearance garage crumpling the top of his car. The door opens and out comes Simms, looking pretty damned surprised. Now, we didn't give him a breathalyzer or anything, but Simms looked pretty drunk and he got confirmation when Simms looked at us and said "Did that thing hit me? Or did I hit it?" I like to imagine Simms saying that each time he gets knocked down in Tampa Bay.


This, by the way, is all David Carr says, all the time, over and over.

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