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We always loved former Connecticut point guard Khalid El-Amin, because we always like point guards who are shorter than us yet still weigh more. Today's first athlete run-in story is about our man Khalid. It comes from Eric in New Hampshire.

While attending UConn, I ran into then-stud point guard Kahlid El-Amin at a sandwich shop on the edge of campus, Ted's. Khalid and one of the basketball team managers were in line in front of me chatting it up with the guy working. I assumed they were either friends or frequent patrons, taking a second look at Khalid's build, I figured the latter. Khalid had ordered some form of chicken cutlet sub. His final instructions to the guy working were to add mayo, and "Spread it on." The employee proceeded to add mayo and use a little knife to spread it out. Khalid responds, "NO. SPREAAAAD it on." The guy uses the knife again to further spread it out. Again, Khalid shouts "SPREAAAAAAAAAAD IT ON !!!" The guy looks at Khalid and asks, "I'm spreading it on ... what the f*** do you want me to do?" Khalid responds, "You know SPREAAAAD IT ON, put a lot on there...a lot more." Clearly frustrated with the sandwich ordering practices perhaps common in Minnesota, the employee proceeded to empty the mayonaisse bottle he had ready on the sandwich. Khalid smiled and successfully maintained his athletic figure.


Somehow, we imagine Khalid doing this at halftime too.

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