Athlete Run-In: On Call For Antonio

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Today's final athlete run-in story comes to us from Madison, Wisc., via comedian Nick Mortensen, and it must be true, because in the first sentence, he confesses he was a cheerleader in high school. It's about former Packer wide receiver Antonio Freeman.

When I was in high school I was on the cheerleading team. Gay, I know, but it helped get me to where I am today because it was my first chance to get before an audience. A girl from the team was bragging that she had begun dating Antonio Freeman of our much beloved Green Bay Packers. At the time the Packers were making their first huge Super Bowl run, and the town was in love with the Packers and all who played for them. Antonio had fitted her with a beeper, to keep her at his call any time. One Tuesday evening we were hanging out, and she got a call. He wanted her to come over and bring a three-piece meal of white meat chicken from KFC with her. Since my friend didn t have a car, she asked me to give her a ride, which I was happy to do; I wanted to meet Antonio Freeman for quite some time. We ventured to KFC, procured the meal and then went to Freeman s place, which was a duplex. I coaxed my friend into letting me come with her to the door, rather than just drop her off. So we went to the door and knocked. After about 20 seconds, Antonio Freeman answered, completely naked and talking on a cordless phone in what was a very important conversation. We ventured inside and shut the door behind us and Freeman went in the other room. He came out a minute later still talking on the phone, still naked, but this time working on an all white meat chicken breast. Then he ventured into the kitchen for what I hoped was a towel.

I just split. I couldn t imagine asking for an autograph.

We're gonna take a break from the athlete run-in stories for a while after tomorrow, so if you're wanting to get yours in, this is your last chance for a while.


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