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Athlete Run-In: Kirk Hinrich, Gryffindor

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Today's second — that is to say, finalathlete run-in story is about a guy we probably misidentified yesterday: Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich, whose Facebook site is probably not actually this site. But anyway, this story, well, this story might not be true either, but you knew that already. But it's certainly more likely true than that Facebook thing. It comes to us from Brandon in Chicago:

I have a good friend whose roommate is a bit of a sloot. She is originally from Pittsburgh and has done the party in my pants dance with a couple of Steelers. Not long ago we were out at a bar in Chicago, and Kirk and his buddies were hitting on her pretty hard. She honestly had no idea who he was and must have told him to get a life two or three times. Then he pulled the whole, "Do you know who I am?" line. Swear to God. I've been around professional athletes a ton, and I've actually never heard one use this until that night.

She proceeds to say, ""I have no idea who you are, but you look like Harry Potter on steroids ... get a haircut." And then walked away.



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