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Athlete Run-In: Where There Is Tom, There Is Tara

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Today's final athlete run-in story is timely, because it involves current Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year Tom Brady. We've documented Brady's nightlife exploits before, but this one has an even more fun addition: Tara Reid! From Scott in Kansas City:

In a former life, I was a radio producer. Horrible pay, horrible hours, but it had a couple of fringe benefits. One of those benefits was that one year, I somehow lucked into going to the ESPY awards and the after-party. So I'm standing around the after-party trying to look like I was supposed to be there, and wasn't doing a very good job. Anyway, I look around and see my buddy standing in a circle of people. On his left was Tom Brady. Now this was 2002-Still-Somewhat-Approachable-And-Not-Yet-A-Mega-Superstar Tom Brady (right after the first Super Bowl victory). And Brady was super cool and seemed down to earth.

He also seemed very pre-occupied as an obliterated Tara Reid was straight swingin' from his nutsack. And when I say swingin' on his nutsack, I don't really mean that figuratively. The future star of TaraDise was basically trying to grab his balls, and Brady was doing his best stiff-arm to try to keep himself free and have a conversation with the people around him. Let me end the story by saying that at the time I had no idea that Brady and Tara had a history together. I just thought it was incredibly funny that a "starlet" was so obviously throwing herself at a Super Bowl MVP. Really made me wish I would have practiced a little harder.


To be fair: This happens not only at every Tara Reid event, but also at every ESPYs.

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