Athlete Run-Ins: Joe Morgan's Tiny Finger

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Today's first athlete run-in story is about everybody's favorite ESPN baseball analyst Joe Morgan. We're as shocked as you to hear he might be a bit of a jerk in public.

In the summer of 2003, I was flying from DC to SF one night, and Joe Morgan was on the plane. I think that Joe has two sons; well, if not, they were younger-looking kids sitting next to him and he was really getting on them the whole flight (I was sitting in the row behind them). We all start getting off the plane, and he is starting to get more and more heated on these two kids.

Right as we get to the terminal, someone yells. "Hey, It's Joe Morgan." And, Joe Morgan swivels around, all 5-foot-2 of him, looks him in the eye and gives the guy the finger. It was awesome. I wish I were famous.


Though he wasn't seen, Jon Miller was there, blinking, wondering what, if anything, he could possibly say.

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