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Athlete Run-Ins: Drunken Bonding With Al Leiter

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In the spirit of the Michael Jordan run-in from earlier today comes a random running-into involving soon-to-be-retired Fox analyst Al Leiter, who, if you've been to On The DL recently, you know likes his booze and late nights out. It comes to us from Jacob Kirkland in Oakland. The full story:

Was at the Redwood Room in San Francisco with my friend and our girlfriends. We're sitting there and see Al Leiter ordering drinks at the bar. My friend goes up to him and starts talking about some 1990's error card of Leiter's he has. Leiter doesn't give a shit and shrugs him off. My friend comes back pissed that Al Leiter was such an asshole and fumed about it all night. Then at the end of the night, we're waiting by the bathroom for our girlfriends to come out. Leiter comes out of the men's room trashed with wide pupils and starts talking us up. Wants to know where we're going and being all buddy-buddy. My friend tells him that he's an asshole. Leiter apologizes and tries to shake my friends hand. Being the drunk bastard that he is, he slaps Leiter's hand away. Leiter keeps apologizing and the night ends with the two hugging in the street outside of the bar. Seeing Leiter in the pics on "On The DL" hanging out with a bunch of college dudes ... exactly what he was going for this night.


Honestly, we think Jake's friend is kind of a jerk ... but we love the idea of Leiter as one of those guys who drunkenly try to make friends with everyone they see. He's a drunk hugger; we love you too, man; we love you too.

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