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Today's first athlete run-in story is so terrifying that we have no choice but not to believe it, though the guy insists it's true. It's about former big leaguer Steve Sax. We present it with little comment, from J.R. in Atlanta.

When I was in middle school, I spent a few weeks in New York for the summer. My mom's best friend's husband was a coach on the Yankees. His son and I were friends and we got to spend the day at Yankee Stadium. While I did meet Donnie Baseball, this story is not about him (although it occured on the day he got in trouble for growing his mullet too long). It is about Steve Sax. While hanging out in the club house, Sax kept calling my friend over. "Little Man, come here." The players next to him were cracking up the whole time. My friend seemed embarassed. Then I noticed the joke. Sax is sitting in his chair with his manhood sticking out of his pants. Apparently my friends uncomfortableness with nudity was a running joke (you gotta remember he was 12). Anyway, spending a week in New York, hanging out at Yankee Stadium, and the thing I remember most is Steve Sax's hammer. To this day, I'm not sure if it's really funny, or highly disturbing.


It's disturbing, J.R. Trust us.

Athlete Run-Ins: Embarrassing Kirk McCaskill [Deadspin]

(By the way, we'll keep running these as long as you keep sending them; for your ticket to ride.)

(Update: A reader, seeing this story, points out this book to us, which is so bizarre we don't even know where to start.)

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