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For today's final athlete run-in story, we bring up a social faux pas that, to our relief, happens to Hall of Famers just like it happens to us. From John in Houston:

I used to be a part of the Houston Astros DiamondVision Crew, and I always had to get up there several hours prior to game time. One day, the Braves are in town, which means Don Sutton's here. And he sees me and walks over and starts talking like we've known each other for years. I figure he's just being a nice guy. We exchange some pleasantries, then go on with what we were doing. And this continues over the next several years. Finally, about three or four years later, I've figured out that he's got me kind of mixed up for one of the Astros beat writers, and I tell him that I'm not who he thinks that I am. He laughs, says he's known that for awhile, but just wanted to keep saying hi.


We wonder if Sutton's friends — real and imagined — have a similar perm.

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