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Thousands of fans at a Brooklyn HS playoff game got to hear Erasmus AD Marshall Tames collapse from a heart attack over the stadium's loudspeakers. They also heard him defibrillated and brought back to life.

Right before halftime, Marshall keeled over in the press box. He wasn't breathing and had no pulse.

As I was calling a play, I turned around and heard all this happen," said Erasmus coach Danny Landberg. "I got flustered."


The timekeeper performed CPR, and a doctor shocked him back to life with the defibrillator that's legally mandated to be on the premises of all high school sporting events in New York City. Everyone in the stands got to hear everything, including the "clear!" before the paddles were applied.

Tames is doing fine. He says he's "more upset that we lost the playoff than [he is] about the heart attack."

Grid-goers hear heart-attack rescue over PA [NY Post]

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