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The officiating in this game was an absolute disaster. Just brutal. It was as if Drew's column earlier today sprouted legs and was playing out on our televisions. There was a point where it really looked like things were going to boil over and shit was going to get out of hand. Shit did not get entirely out of hand, and the game went on. The Falcons were able to build up a 27-7 lead with 7:08 left in the third quarter—on Matt Ryan's 100th touchdown pass—in large part due to Peyton Manning.


Peyton Manning is not back: On the third play of the game, before ass hit seat, Peyton Manning threw an interception that was returned all the way to the Bronco's one-yard line. Three plays later Michael Turner was in the endzone.

Maybe Peyton Manning is ba—nope, still not back: Maybe just leave Jacob Tamme alone for a while, Peyton? This interception, the second of three on the night (all in the first quarter), came with about 12 minutes left in the first quarter. Atlanta turned this interception into a field goal and it was quickly 10-0. At this point, Peyton had two interceptions on four pass attempts.

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