There is a bar in Atlanta called Park Tavern that will be hosting a pep rally for Packers fans the day before the NFC championship game. The event is being put on by Packers Everywhere, a group that rents out bars and hosts events for Packers fans all across the country. A fanbase taking over a particular bar is something that happens all the damn time in cities all over America, and it’s really nothing to be upset about. Particularly in this case, as the pep rally isn’t even happening on the same day as the Packers-Falcons game.

Unfortunately for Park Tavern, there are a lot of big babies living in Atlanta and all their diapers are full. Falcons fans are pissed about the bar hosting an event for Packers fans, and they have spent this week bombing the bar’s Yelp page with negative reviews as a form of retribution. A sampling:



Even Matt Ryan’s wife joined the mob:

Yesterday, the bar issued an apology on its Facebook page:

“We want to take a moment to address the ongoing commentary regarding the Packers Pep Rally on Saturday. First and foremost, we are and have always been Falcons fans and are rooting for them to make it to the Super Bowl, (AND WIN!). While it was not our intent to offend any Falcons fans, we realize that we did with our choice to host this event and apologize. We take pride in being one of Atlanta’s largest event venues, hosting more than 500 diverse events each year and welcoming both locals and visitors alike to rent our facility. As one of the greatest cities filled with people from across the country, we strive to be reflective of what makes Atlanta unique and look forward to continuing to be a part of our incredible community.”


Nobody has ever considered Atlanta to be a real football town or Falcons fans to be particularly devoted to the team, and if this is their attempt at proving that they are serious, they’re going about it all wrong.

h/t Gillian