Peter Moylan is a reliever for the Atlanta Braves, apparently. I follow the greatest franchise in the history of sports, so you know, he's not really on my radar. Anyway, this Moylan guy must have gotten back from a Foo Fighters concert and decided Nickelback needed a kick in the ass. The tweet reads "Note to @nickelback please attend a @foofighters concert. That's how's it should be done chad."

It gets worse, everyone. Nickelback responded! "@PeterMoylan Foos are killer for sure. We're doing just fine too thanks. ? for you Pete, is watching Kimbrel better from the bench or on TV?" How do those bitter tears, taste Moylan? Bitter, I bet. It's not often you get owned by Nickelback—unless you are the Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show in Detroit, that is. The hot stove is heating up!

h/t Wayne B
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