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Austin Unveils Weaponized Taco Cannon, Declares War On Philadelphia

A war is coming, and it will leave the streets of America bloody and littered with t-shirts and tacos. Earlier this week, we brought you news of the Philadelphia 76ers' new weapon of mass destruction, a monstrous t-shirt cannon known as Big Bella. Now, organizers of the Fun Fun Fun music festival in Austin, Texas, have engaged the 76ers in an arms race. Texas Monthly brings word of the world's first taco cannon.

That contraption of malice and murder you see above will soon be peppering peaceful music festival-goers with tacos, and will no doubt urge the 76ers to escalate this arms race. What's next, a cheesesteak cannon? The doomsday clock inches closer to midnight.


How The World's First Taco Cannon Was Developed [Texas Monthly]

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