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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Reporter Jim Wilson was in the middle of speaking on Australia's Sky News when the broadcast unexpectedly cut back to the studio, where host James Bracey appeared to be mocking Wilson with what looked like a blowjob pantomime. It's caused a bit of a fuss Down Under, as explained by The Australian newspaper:

This afternoon Sky News issued a statement saying that James Bracey had suffered several coughing fits during this morning's show.

Sports Editor Paul Gregg said the presenter: "had been coughing throughout the program.

"One of these fits was inadvertently put to air. At the time James was also trying to signal studio crew to keep his microphone off line. This has been misconstrued by some people."

Fellow guest Jimmy Smith who was sitting next to Bracey at the time said: "James was coughing at the time he was on camera. To suggest anything else is completely wrong."


Makes perfect sense. Because everybody bounces their closed fist off their open mouth when they cough. Happens [wanking motion] all [cough] the [wanking motion] time [cough].

[The Australian; h/t to Matt]

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