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Australian Tennis Guy To Spectator: "I Will Put My Balls In Your Mouth"

Photo credit: Alex Brandon/AP Images

Bernard Tomic is mad! How mad? Mad enough to tell a heckling spectator, in front of the on-court mics and everyone, to suck his balls.

Tomic’s opponent Damir Džumhur had to stop his serve motion and start over again after hearing Tomic’s request. This is not a case of relying on reporting from the scene; there is video of Tomic coolly relaying, “I will put my balls in your mouth.” He then added, “I will give you some money to make you feel good.”


The umpire was not pleased, but didn’t take any action against Tomic, who went on to lose the first set.

Here’s Džhumur reacting to it.


Tomic went on to lose the second set, then mounted a short-lived comeback before crashing out in the fourth set.

If you want to read more about balls, okay, here you go.


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