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Awful Uncalled Penalty Sets Up Game-Winning Goal Six Seconds Later

Perhaps referees can't be bothered to care when two last-place teams go at it. That's the only possible explanation for the lack of a call on Anaheim's Corey Perry for tripping up Carolina's Jussi Jokinen. It wasn't away from the puck, or in a cloud of bodies, but right out there in the open where everyone and their mother but not referee Tim Peel could see. The old "let them play" dictum is nice, but not when the offense is so blatant and the turnover leads to the perp scoring the game-winner while the victim is still regaining his footing.

"Might have gotten a break," Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau allowed. Yup, might've.

It was exactly a week ago that the Staples Center clock had a hiccup to give the Kings undeserved time in which to score their gamewinner. Now, down the Santa Ana Freeway, more officiating shenanigans. Clearly it's all part of the Southern California bias the NHL is famous for.


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