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In Los Angeles, Two Seconds Last Forever

At the very end of regulation, with the Kings and Blue Jackets tied, L.A.'s Drew Doughty scored a gamewinner. It went to a video review, and Doughty was credited with a goal with 0.4 seconds remaining. Then they showed the replay, and all hell and confusion broke lose.


The game clock (not a TV graphic, but the actual, official in-rink game clock) pauses with 1.8 seconds left. It stays frozen for 1.3 seconds, then starts up again. Doughty's shot crosses the line at 0.4, or well after the horn should have sounded to send the game to overtime.

Puck Daddy's all over this one, including the super slo-mo breakdown that any good conspiracy theory needs. (The official replay begins just as the clock stirs from 1.8, so there's no evidence anything was amiss.) Do clock malfunctions happen? Sure. Are Blue Jackets fans allowed to cry "fix!" when it happens in the waning seconds, giving the home team an extra point? Go nuts.

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