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Ayesha Curry, her mother-in-law Sonya, and her sister-in-law Sydel joined Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Facebook show yesterday to talk about their lives as public figures and famous black women, their experiences balancing their personal ambitions with their marriages to NBA players, and what they’ve gone through along the way. While discussing bad interactions she’d had with fans, Ayesha recounted a bizarre story of a person who barged into her car while she was breastfeeding.

“I’m sitting in the back nursing Riley,” Ayesha said. “And this lady, this group of people come over and they’re trying to ask Stephen for pictures and autographs. The woman opens the car door, sticks her body in the car and she is like, ‘Oh, let me see!’”


Ayesha told her to leave her alone and get out of her car, to which the woman replied, “Oh, honey, you know what you signed up for.” (The story starts around 18:05 in the video.)

After Ayesha shared her encounter, the conversation shifted toward having your blackness questioned, and some of the women relayed childhood stories. Sonya talked about growing up in a small town in Virginia; when she was 11, she was keeping score for a softball game against an all-white team when the KKK rode up and burnt a cross on the field. Callie Rivers, daughter of Clippers coach Doc and fiancée of Seth Curry, explained how her house was burnt down when she was a kid. “This happened because my dad’s black and my mom’s white,” she said. “We know who did it, and nothing ever happened to the people that did it.”

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