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Backboard's Kiss Of Death Helps Iowa Defeat Rutgers On A Buzzer-Beater

With just over five seconds remaining in the game, Rutgers’ Geo Baker hoisted up a three-point shot that bounced off the front iron of the rim, the center of the backboard and the front of the rim again before falling through the net to give Baker’s team a 69-68 lead over No. 21 Iowa. The Hawkeyes had one timeout remaining, but still had to travel the length of the court to even attempt a game-winning shot with only 3.2 seconds left in the game. This was clearly a steep mountain to climb in order to win the game, but given the team that Iowa was facing, anything was possible—including the best-case scenario.


The Hawkeyes inbounder threw a full-court pass to the left side of his team’s basket. A Rutgers defender tipped the ball, but it made its way to Iowa’s Joe Wieskamp who chucked an inaccurate shot towards the basket. Luckily, the backboard was kind enough to guide the ball in right at the sound of the buzzer.

Wieskamp exuded the confidence of a four-year veteran with his shot, but quickly reverted back to being a bashful freshman when asked about the play after the game:

“I wound up being in the right place at the right time,” said Wieskamp, who finished with nine points after battling a back problem. “I got it and knew I had to get it up quick, and I was able to make it.”

With a sheepish giggle, the freshman guard said he didn’t call “bank.”

This is a bit of a contrast to what Jordan Bohannon said last week when he hit the Iowa game-winner against Northwestern at home. Bohannon told reporters after the game, “I knew before the ball even left my hand that I was going to make it.”

Iowa is technically now on a bit of a buzzer-beating streak. While this endgame strategy is not exactly the most sustainable option moving forward, this kind of momentum at this point in the season is ideal for a team looking to make some gains in a tight race for the conference title. I feel bad for whatever team has to face the red-hot Hawkeyes next!

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Oh goddammit.