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Backflipping Trick Play Goes Awry

Okay, America's high school coaches. Enough with the trick plays. It's fun to be a viral video for a couple of days, but this one's going too far. Thankfully the refs stopped it and ejected the coach before the trickery embarrassed everyone.

Yahoo says this one comes from Friday's game between a couple of North Carolina schools. With Watauga High preparing for the point-after, kicker Cam Haas lined up at receiver, then went in motion — in a very handspring backflippy way.


He was flagged for excessive celebration at about the fifth flip, the play blown dead. Haas was ejected, as was Watauga coach Tim Pruitt.

I don't feel I deserved to be ejected," Pruitt told "We met with the officials before the game and they didn't say anything about trick plays. I was the one that brought it up. I knew we were going to get flagged, but I decided to run the play anyway. Looking back at it, obviously it wasn't a good decision. But if he had told me he was kicking me out of the game for it, I would have never ran it."

"I knew we were going to get flagged, but I decided to run the play anyway." Just repeating that for emphasis. Trick plays have gone beyond the realm of beneficial to the team and into the land of "getting my team on YouTube." I'm glad Pruitt got ejected, and I'm glad the referees put a stop to this foolishness.

Also, it's not an original play:

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[H/T Jovan J]

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