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Bad Soccer Men Try And Thankfully Fail To Beat The Hell Out Of Referee

A soccer match from earlier this month between Indonesian clubs Persegres Gresik United and Persiwa Wamena exploded into chaos when a few players who took issue with a controversial penalty call sought to communicate their dissatisfaction to the ref by beating his ass:

If you find yourself wondering how a group of players could think it okay to respond to a referee’s decision by clobbering the poor guy, the reaction to the event on the part of the offending Persiwa players’ coach might be illuminating. From SuperBall:

“I think the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) needs to also be included in football. Agree or not? Because there are a lot of stealth here.”


“In this match, two teams played well, today’s match was hurt by the referee’s leadership,” said the 59-year-old coach [Suimin Diharja].

“We have both seen, if we really want Indonesian football, let’s get it right. But if we leave this, yes, let the destruction of (national) football,” said Suimin again.


At least that flying haymaker missed. The referee was able to return to the match and finish it by handing red cards to two Persiwa players.