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Ballin' With Kool-Aid Man

OK, not only am I buying a pair of these shoes in every flavor, but I've got this poster up in my living room right now. That f###ing Turtle from Entourage better stay outta my way when Reebok debuts their new Kool-Aid athletic shoes in stores tomorrow, that's all I'm saying. Coaches may have told you that your footwork is solid, but never thirst-quenching and delicious.

The first installment will launch on February 1st in three great flavors: Grape, Cherry and Strawberry, each complete with hoodies, T-shirts, hats and sneakers. Plus, Reebok packed each of the kicks with extra flavor by crating scent-infused sockliners!


Hey, you had me at Strawberry Hoodie.

But I have a feeling that no matter how many "scent-infused sockliners" are used, Hedo Turkoglu's feet are still going to smell like fish.

And, um kids ... try not to walk to school through dirt while wearing these. The Kool-Aid logo on the soles are bully magnets, I'm guessing.

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