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Bama Fan Pol Accused Of Soliciting Sex From Child Pleads Impotent

Former Mobile County commissioner Freeman Jockisch is facing charges of soliciting sex from a 15-year-old girl on Craigslist, but he's not letting those accusations get in the way of his Alabama fandom. A crimson-clad Jockisch told WPMI he can't possibly be guilty of trying to have sex with a child because he's impotent. Roll Tide.

"The only thing that I ever said to her is I would like to make love. You know what I'm talking about?" said Jockisch. "But I do that to make her tell me what she wants. I go on there. I've been helping a lot of people you don't know about. Like there was a little black lady that had two babies, she came on Craigslist, and she said I need some money for the car. And she said whatever it takes, I'll do it. And I know what she was talking about. So I called her. I said where are you? She said I'm on DIP at the Shell station. I said okay, I'll be right down there. I went down there, I gave her $40. She had two babies in there with snot all running all out there noise. I mean she was in bad shape, but she was going to sell her body, and I put a stop to that. That's what I was doing on Craigslist. I'm trying to help people."


This isn't the first time Jockisch has run afoul of the law; he's been arrested in the past on charges of mail fraud, corruption, & tax crimes. Roll Tide.




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