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Barry Bonds And The Chamber of Secrets

Well, there's less than two weeks left until the official release of the book Game of Shadows, the Barry Bonds expose by San Francisco Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. We suspect that your kids have been on pins and needles in anticipation and have probably been bugging you to make their Barry Bonds costumes for those neighborhood book release parties. Little Timmy wants to be young, slim Barry. Sally wants to be mistress Kimberly Bell. Jason wants to be Paula Abdul (that should be looked into, by the way). Toy syringes and boxes of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Anabolic Steroid Pills are flying off the shelves. Whoa, slow down kids! Pace yourselves!

With sneak previews circulating and juicy details leaking out, the book has already moved into the top 10 on both and A first printing of 50,000 has been increased to 197,000, prompting the publisher, Gotham Books, to move up the book
s original March 27 publication date to March 23, according to the Associated Press. OK, these aren't Harry Potter numbers by any means, but it looks like the authors definitely have a hit on their hands. Among the eager fans awaiting the book's arrival is commissioner Bud Selig, who, based on the excerpts he's already seen, is considering suspending Bonds, according to the Chicago Tribune. We imagine Selig camping out all night at the book store to be first in line to buy it, then rushing home with his copy to get into his pajamas and read it all in one night.


You know what we say — anything that gets kids excited about reading is a good thing.

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Game Of Shadows

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