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Bud Selig can take some solace in the world: Not everyone is gnashing their teeth and rending their garments over Barry Bonds' impending destruction of Hank Aaron's home run record.

Meet the happy folks of Screw Everybody.

Look . . . 1. Barry has sheer, raw talent and extreme athletic eye-hand coordination. He is a consummate athlete. Any drugs in his system in the past did not cause him to be a great athlete. He is one.
2. Barry hit many of his home runs in Candlestick - tough, COLD, windy weather. Remarkable.
3. Do you truly believe these so called baseball purist or fans who think Barry's records should include asterisks or that he should eventually be denied entrance to the Hall of Fame? True baseball fans know that the Hall of Fame has plenty of members who cheated - pitchers who The Entrance to the Baseball Hall of Famechanged the make-up of the balls . . . you know. . .
4. Do you believe that Barry is the only player that may have done something to his body? No pitchers were "juiced" against him? Come on . . .
5. The fact we all know in OUR HEARTS that BARRY IS AN AWESOME HITTER!! And, truly loved by many.
Get the word out. We're tired of the scum. We don't need the hate being shoved down our throats.


They make a few good points, but mostly: If you join this group, you can look like these guys. Party!

Screw Everybody [Official Site]

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