Barstool Sports Hires Old Weirdo To Make Racist Jokes

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Barstool Sports recently hired Michael McCarthy, who ran a site called back in the early days of blogging. Then a VP at Citigroup, McCarthy used the site to pseudonymously share musings such as, “Although I’m pretty sure you don’t condone the drugging and subsequent raping of female bar inhabitants, haven’t you at one time or another considered what would happen with the right girl and the right mix of vodka and chloroform?” Citigroup fired him after his identity was revealed, and now he’s resurfaced, 10 years later, to write for Barstool.

Here’s how McCarthy introduced himself to Barstool’s readers last month:

For the uninitiated, I am not raunchy, but I am inappropriate at times. Even so, I don’t discriminate… I don’t like anyone. So if you feel I am being too tough on Italians*, just give it a sec, and I will eventually get to the Irish**. And don’t get me started on the fucking J*ws*** (can I say that? I’ll ask).


Whoa! Is there any envelope this guy won’t push??

McCarthy, who is now in his 40s, has been writing pretty frequently at the site while putting forward the persona of Middle-Aged Edgelord Who Wants To Tell You All About The Huge Steak He Ate Last Night. A blog he posted yesterday featured some racism:

I would feel remiss not telling you this, but I don’t feel overly lucky coming into this week. I fucking SOAKED a Mexican family coming out of church yesterday after I purposely gunned my car through a puddle as I passed them. Didn’t really get them in the face, but they definitely had some wet backs. I have been crushed more than once by a bus or cab passing a nearby puddle, so you would think I would show more restraint, but you would be wrong… Lo siento, whoever you are.


Haha. Get it? “Wet backs.” Like the racial slur! If you’re having trouble understanding what’s funny about this obviously classic joke, don’t worry too much. This is high-level comedy we’re dealing with here, and it might just be over your head.