Baseball Battle For Lorde's Approval Continues Unabated

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Update: Apparently I'm an idiot/pop culture recluse, and the shirt actually references the hook from Chris Brown's song "Loyal" which goes "these hoes ain't loyal." In my defense I rarely listen to that women-beating moron, and I'm really annoyed by all of those Lorde cover songs. Anyways, look at the funny t-shirt!

Lorde has an extremely popular song called "Royals," which is also the name of a baseball team. These two facts are no coincidence, as Lorde says she was inspired to write the song after seeing a picture of George Brett in National Geographic. But besides seeing a cool picture, she probably doesn't give a shit about baseball, considering she's from New Zealand. She does like basketball, though.


This hasn't stopped baseball fans and players from using her as a prop to assert superiority over each other, however, a past time that was taken up a notch during the ALCS, when multiple Orioles fans created terrible songs about how the Orioles were better than the Royals—to the tune of "Royals"—and posted them on YouTube.


Well, Royals pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is here to put an end to all of this. He mostly did so by pitching five innings of one-run ball, which helped give the Royals a commanding 3–0 series lead, but he also wore a shirt to his post-game press conference that read "These O's Ain't Royal." With the O's liable to be bounced from the playoffs as soon as 18 hours from now, they probably don't have time for a comeback, but don't worry, I'm sure some Giants or Cardinals fan is thinking up a "clever" retort as we speak.

h/t @cjzero