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Baseball Hall Of Fame Elects Four

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The 2015 class of the Baseball Hall of Fame has been announced. It is: Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Craig Biggio. Four members makes this the largest class since 1955. The big question mark, Mike Piazza, fell short with 69.9 percent.


With 97.3 percent of the vote, leading vote-getter Randy Johnson fell short of Tom Seaver's hall-of-fame record of 98.8 percent. It was still the eighth-highest of all time.

The vote totals:

  • Randy Johnson: 97.3 percent
  • Pedro Martinez: 91.1 percent
  • John Smoltz: 82.9 percent
  • Craig Biggio: 82.7 percent
  • Mike Piazza: 69.9 percent
  • Jeff Bagwell: 55.7 percent
  • Tim Raines: 55.0 percent
  • Curt Schilling: 39.2 percent
  • Roger Clemens: 37.5 percent
  • Barry Bonds: 36.8 percent

In his final year of eligibility, Don Mattingly received 9.1 percent. In his first year, Carlos Delgado got just 3.8 percent, falling below the 5-percent threshold to remain on the ballot.

The greatest pitcher of his era, Roger Clemens, and the greatest hitter of all time, Barry Bonds, both failed to gain entry to the Hall of Fame. Because we can't knowingly prop up a broken system, Deadspin abstained from voting this season and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Newcomers to the 2016 ballot will include Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman, and Jim Edmonds.