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Baseball Tonight Hijinks

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We've become pretty addicted to Fire Joe Morgan, a hideously designed but riotously funny daily rip on ESPN's baseball coverage. Today's rant is on something we noticed as well: The awful, brain-dead banter about the AL Cy Young between analysts John Kruk and Harold Reynolds and anchor Karl Ravech on the GMC Diamond Cutters feature on SportsCenter this morning. The highlights:

HR: (sarcastically) "I'm picking the best pitcher. He's got 30 straight saves. He blew two in the beginning of the year against the Boston Red Sox. I'm talking about Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees. His stuff is electric. He's back throwing like no one else in the league right now, and because of him, they're riding this guy all the way to the postseason once again, and to me, he deserves to win a Cy Young."

KR: "Would you ever consider a closer like Gagne a couple years ago?"

JK: "No."

KR: (very dismissively) "No, 'cause they don't win."

JK: "No, because they don't —"

KR: "He's on a winning team, he does answer that."

JK: "Because they don't start. Starters should win the award. They have an award for relievers."

KR: (pauses, then, visibly upset) "Rolaids."

JK: "That's right. I need one."

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