Baseball's Back! Here's An Animation Of Yasiel Puig Being Yasiel Puig

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Well, baseball's back. And while the opening, off-continent series is self-evidently annoying for any number of reasons, this year it also means that Yasiel Puig is back. So here's a fun GIF of him doing work.

The Dodgers came away from their opening series in Australia against Arizona this weekend with two wins and roughly a month's worth of pitching changes on the books. The highlight was probably when Puig hit into a 7-5-4-3-5-4 fielder's choice RBI when he tried to charge all the way to second on a routine single to left. It was all very Puig, both in its audacity and in how it confounded just about everyone watching. It was great. People are being annoying about it. Whatever.


Here's a rotoscoped animation of Puig gunning down a runner, because baseball is back, and Puig back, and we like that.