During a Clippers-Nuggets preseason game yesterday, commentator Kevin Harlan brought up the fact that Basketball Prospectus, a highly regarded, stats-driven site, had chosen the Nuggets to win the Western Conference this season. As Harlan says, BP made this prediction based on many reasonable factors: Denver's depth, the acquisition of Andre Iguodala, what should be an improved defense and George Karl's superb coaching abilities.

Color commentator Reggie Miller did not like this prediction, for some reason. He attacked BP by calling the group a bunch of "lab geek rats" with "pocket squares" (?) and "laptops." Miller also claimed that although all those stats were nice, stats "don't play basketball games for you. Humans play basketball games for you."

It's easy to get angry about Miller's insults, but we're now too busy thinking of how adorable little mice with glasses and fine suits (complete with matching pocket squares) would be. Aw, look! They just chose Ricky Rubio to be Comeback Player of the Year!