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What we watched: I'm not a huge college football fan: My school plays in the Patriot League. I think they have playoffs. I don't think my father's school even has a football team. So, aside from the random Notre Dame game, college football was never a big deal in my house growing up, and that has generally continued into adulthood. But, nights like last night are still incredibly fun for me.

I watched Oregon come all the way back against USC in the fourth quarter only to wind up losing thanks to a shanked kick. During the game, we kept getting updates about Baylor-Oklahoma and that, too, looked like it was out of reach. But, it was not. Oklahoma also came all the way back in the fourth quarter only to lose on an absurd back corner touchdown. Robert Griffin III is everyone's Heisman darling now, and I think it's mostly because he has a snazzy nickname.


These games are great because I don't have a dog in the fight. It's like watching the NCAA tournament. I can just root for whichever team is losing to make it an interesting game. OK, so my school doesn't have a great basketball team either. Back off.

In Case You Missed It: Yale Daily News confirms that one of the victims, a 30 year old woman, has died as a result of the crash and another is in "serious but stable condition." "As it entered parking lot D, the site of the tailgate, the UHaul accelerated and ran into the three victims before crashing into a smaller UHaul."



Tiger helps clinch President's Cup, starts talking like a baseball manager: "'I was hoping it wasn't going to come down to us,' Woods said. 'I was hoping that Stricks and I could take a victory lap back here. But we didn't get off to a good start early. I was telling Joey (LaCava) on the range, "It's probably going to come down to the last four matches." We needed to get our point, so we went out there and played really well today and put a lot of heat on Badds.'" [PGA]

Dirk is ready to shoot: "Nowitzki has only just begun to field calls from interested clubs, but he said he's aware of the Spanish media reports that have listed him as a target of perennial powerhouse Real Madrid and admitted that the idea of playing top-level basketball with a team in Spain — such as Real or their rivals Barcelona — intrigues him. 'It's a great club with a great tradition,' Nowitzki said of Real Madrid. 'I don't know if that's true, but (if the media reports are accurate) that's something you'd have to look at hard. I still can't believe that we're not going to have a season (in the NBA). I can't see us not playing. But if the lockout still stays strong, I've got a decision to make."" [ESPN]


Your you'll never guess what Jean Reno is up to Interlude

Don't worry everyone, Rony Seikaly vouches for Bernie Fine: "Former Syracuse star Rony Seikaly, speaking in phone interviews this week about allegations against Bernie Fine, has passionately defended the Orange assistant coach, saying he refuses to believe the accusations of molestation. 'Bernie would never do such a thing,' Seikaly told The Associated Press. 'I vouch for Bernie. There is no way something like this could ever happen in my eyes. No way.'" [Palm Beach Post]


A "full understanding" of everything except for the risks and benefits: "The bargaining agreement, which is expected to be announced early this week, calls for blood testing to begin in February, when players report to spring training. Players who test positive will face a 50-game suspension, which will be the same as the first-time penalty for a positive steroid test, according to the two people. Although minor elements of the overall agreement still need to be completed, the two people said that a full understanding on H.G.H. testing had been reached and that no further negotiations on that issue were needed." [NY Times]

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