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BCS Is The Perfect System, Says BCS Website

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Listen up, dummy. You probably think the BCS is a terrible way to determine a football champion, but that's because you're a moron. Your stupid playoff ideas are stupid and I know this because I read it on the INTERNET!

Did you know that every year for the last 11 seasons, the Bowl Championship Series Championship Game Championship has featured the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in country (as determined by the BCS.) Every year! Let's see your idiotic playoff system do that! You can't compete with that kind of consistency. And you can learn more amazing facts like this at this totally proactive website that was helpfully created by "the BCS group".

"If you think the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is controversial, wait until you realize how much more contentious a playoff would be."


You know who said that? Bill Fucking Hancock. And he did it with this really cool spiral font that swoops in all awesome-like. Still not on board? Here's some more knowledge, bozo.

A bracket-style playoff wouldn't end the debate, it would only fuel it. Advocates of a hypothetical playoff can't agree on how to resolve key playoff questions: who, what, where and when.
For example,

Who would participate?
How many automatic qualifiers?
What would be the criteria to qualify?
What would be the criteria for seedings?
Where would the games be played?
When would the games be played?
If you could resolve all that would everyone be satisfied? NO!!

Shit. The website is correct. We can NEVER answer all those questions, so we should probably just give up and accept the amazingness that is the BCS. I mean, the previous system of scattered, regionally aligned bowls that never even attempted to create a national champion didn't work, so obviously a playoff system is not the way to go.


I don't even understand why you were complaining to begin with. "Every conference has an opportunity to earn annual automatic qualification into the BCS." (Even though most don't have one now and I can't really imagine how that would ever happen.) Plus, "at the beginning of every season, every team has an opportunity to earn a spot in a BCS Game, including the National Championship Game" ... provided they begin the season ranked in the Top 10 of both polls and every team ranked above them (most of whom they will never get to play head-to-head) loses at least once. Maybe twice.

Oh, and don't forget "bracket creep." Have you ever tried to get that shit out of your hair? Forget about it.


Convinced, yet? Man, you are dumb.

Playoff Problem [Playoff Problem]

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