A cursory look at the 1 o'clock games led one to make a face comparable to sniffing a plate of expired deli meat. But sometimes expired meat is salvageable, which led to the creation of the hot dog. Similarly, this bundle of games gave us a couple of surprises.

What's really impressive about the Bears win over Green Bay isn't that they pounded them by 28, but that they did so with only two offensive touchdowns and made it look like they had a nice clean set of five offensive touchdowns, or at least one score by Devin Hester. That didn't happen. They had two defensive returns, two field goals, and one of them new age fangled 2-point conversions on top of Orton's throw and Adrian Peterson's run. So they shoulda had something goofy like 29 points. Garrett Wolfe was the leading receiver. And they won by 28. Today makes no sense. Bears 35, Packers 7


(Speaking of no sense: the Bears won both games against the Packers. The Lions won both games against the Bears. Sure.)

When everything was said and done, Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw combined for 296 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. This gave Eli Manning ample time to glue rhinestones to his outgoing Christmas cards. Giants 38, Bills 21


If I had a nickel for every time I heard the phrase "We keep forgetting about the Colts this year." How can we keep forgetting about them if we keep bringing them up? That kind of logic doesn't make any... hey, how about those Colts? Don't forget about them. Colts 38, Texans 15

Welp, it was fun to contend for the AFC North while it lasted. Bengals 19, Browns 14


Oakland really made this game close once once time expired, Jacksonville went to the locker room to celebrate, and Dominic Rhodes kept running into the end zone saying "Touchdown!" every time he re-crossed the line. The touchdowns were nullified, however, because the Jaguars didn't have enough men on the field and Lane Kiffin kept accidentally accepting the penalties.Jaguars 49, Raiders 11

It's that time of year again when the Eagles are out of the playoffs, Donovan McNabb plays well and people lay off the "maybe someone else should quarterback mantra." But what we keep forgetting is that the Indianapolis Colts are good too. Only a year ago they won the Super Bowl. Eagles 38, Saints 23


Starting a winning streak in Week 16 does a team little good. Lions 25, Chiefs 20

Don't forget about the Indianapolis Colts. You know, they won the Super Bowl last year!