We've got some more games this afternoon so let the good times continue to roll with Sunday's second act, where all the craziness happens

Washington at St. Louis (FOX): I really hate to admit this but I thought the Sports Illustrated SURG3 cover was pretty clever. I am totally against "RG3," though. Everything doesn't always have to sound like some special edition sports utility vehicle. You'll note that that link is for an ebay auction for that issue of Sports Illustrated.

This magazine is brand new. There is an address label on it.

The magazine is currently going for $3.95 and $3.75 for shipping. So, if you're in the market for a semi-used, $8 magazine with an address label on it, you know where to go.

Dallas at Seattle (FOX): This is the first game for Dallas at Seattle since Tony Romo fumbled the snap on that Martin Gramatica field goal attempt in the 2007 playoffs. Let's relive it together.

Ahh. So many NFL hallmarks. Al Davis. John Madden. Bill Parcells. Tony Romo failures.


New York Jets at Pittsburgh (CBS): Revis being out for the Jets is like if an entire unit were on the injured reserve for another team. It sounds like Joe McKnight may get some work at corner, which won't be a colossal fuckscene at all. The Steelers will also be without key defensive contributors Troy Polamalu and James Harrison who I think should have some kind of nickname like "Hair Today, Scumbag Tomorrow," an obvious reference to Polamalu's ubiquitous locks and James Harrison's ubiquitous scumbaggery.


Tennessee at San Diego (CBS): [looks left, looks right, quietly pushes game under couch with foot]

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