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What's known is this: On Sept. 11, just after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers opened the season with a loss at home to the Detroit Lions, a 34-year-old man named Gary Holmer was severely beaten by two men after a minor car accident in which his vehicle knocked the mirror off another vehicle outside an apartment complex not far from Raymond James Stadium. Bucs running back LeGarrette Blount was there, but was never charged, nor was he accused of doing anything physically to the victim.

Now, however, the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times has obtained a copy of the official police report from the incident, and in it the victim accuses Blount of directing the attack, while Blount is also said to have refused to cooperate with the police's investigation into what happened. But then there's this: Holmer declined at the time to press charges, and there were beer cans found in the back of Holmer's vehicle, though Holmer told police he was a designated driver, and his girlfriend—also present the whole time—had vouched for him on that point. Blount's attorney, Ray Morgan, said Blount had thought Holmer was drunk, and Holmer does have a prior arrest for DUI that was later reduced to reckless driving.


Still with us?

From the St. Pete Times:

Holmer told police he feared he had a broken nose because he was spitting blood. He "also stated that his jaw is misaligned and he believes his jaw bone is swollen or displaced because he cannot chew food ... ,'' according to the police report.

When police contacted Blount, he made a statement about the crash but days later would "not discuss his involvement in the'' Holmer attack, according to the report.

The report said police did not pursue possible charges of "burglary for the purpose of committing battery, felony battery and felony criminal mischief'' at Holmer's request.


Morgan, Blount's attorney, is accusing Holmer of a shakedown, saying Holmer's attorney called the Bucs after discovered who Blount was to ask for $95,000, with a threat to go public if that demand wasn't met. A statement from the Bucs said they were informed of the incident soon after it happened, and that "[T]he Tampa Police Department confirmed that the case is closed."

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