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It's a slow, lazy, hot August Friday, with not much more happening than the occasional parsing of words in a Ron Mexico plea. So The Angry T gives us a vaguely interesting debate: What is the actual worst state for sports?

We might go with Alaska — unless you like seeing dogs being whipped in freezing temperatures — but they make a convincing case for Montana.

If you live in Billings, Montana, the state's biggest city, here are the following professional sports that you've been able to see live in the last decade:

2000- WCW Nitro comes to Billings, the Billings Dairy Queen has record low sales.
2005 The Indiana Pacers defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves in an NBA Preseason Game. Kevin Garnett becomes first African American to step foot in Montana in 20 years.


Man, we bet the crowd went nuts for that preseason game. Cue the Bryan Adams.

Welcome To Montana: The Worst Place To Be A Sports Fan In America [The Angry T]

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