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Because The World Isn't Truly Free Unless The Gators Win

Tebow for Commerce Secretary: Idiot Congressman asks Nancy Pelosi to delay the certification vote of President Barack Obama, so that he can attend the National Championship Game on Thursday.

Tell you what? Why don't you and the entire Florida delegation just take the next two years off. [Sports Rubbish]


Healthy as an ox: Welcome to the Carl Pavano Era, Cleveland. How are your hospitals, by the way? [3:10 to Joba]

Oh, that: An Israeli basketball team was allegedly attacked by a bottle-throwing crowd at a game in Turkey. Geez, is their three-point shooing that bad? [Inside Hoops]


It is very entertaining: A suggestion to change the NFL's overtime rules. How about instead of sudden death, the teams merely watch "Sudden Death," starring the wonderful Jean Claude Van Damme? [Jets Daily]

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